Savita Studio

is among the very best recording and production studios of its kind in Central Europe, offering world-class recording equipment, experience and expertise.

Our artistic approach is based on top sound quality, precision work and the sharing of rich musical experiences.

Our smaller size and more intimate setting create a relaxed atmosphere often not found in larger studios. We offer you highly polished, top quality recording, mixing and production work – all in a harmonious and inspiring work space.

One of our primary specialties is the accurate recording of acoustic music, vocals and spoken word as well as the mobile recording of choirs, soloists and chamber ensembles, including mix and mastering.

We also focus on recording, production and the conceptual design of special therapeutic recordings and audiobooks – and we can also provide, compose or record original music (by Ivo Sedláček) for these settings.

We offer a unique service called E-session in which we can record a wide spectrum of classical, ethnic and other unusual musical instruments that you can then incorporate into your own original music or other projects.



Ivo Sedlacek, the core personality behind Savita Studio, is a graduate of the Prague Academy of Music and is a renowned expert in the field of studio recording and equipment – authoring 20 albums of his own original music.