With E-Session you can enjoy the advantages of the latest trends in technology – allowing you to live or work anywhere on Earth, and still collaborate with world-class recording and musical talents across the planet.

During an E-Session we can record brilliant solos or sensitive passages of various classical, special or ethnic instruments designed to enhance your own productions.

You can compose and arrange parts yourself or we can create rich improvisations based around your musical ideas. We will record our tracks and ideas in our studio, with top professional equipment, and send them to you upon completion – all online.

Our rich instrument list comprises string instruments (including the unique viola d’amore and viola pomposa), classical guitar, large selection of flutes (from recorders to Indian bamboo flutes), monumental monochords, zithers, gothic dulcimer, bowed psaltery, tuned glass, Indian tanpuras, tuned kalimbas and sansulas and many other instruments.

Here are few samples (all played by Ivo Sedlacek and recorded in Savita Studio):