Mix and production

We can professionally edit and mix all your acoustic recordings and make them ready for mastering.

If you wish, we can also produce your project from your initial concepts (offering solutions in conceptual, sonic or musical areas) through other various stages of project development.

In cooperation with the affiliated Studio Atlas, we can also provide complete post-production work of all visual projects, films, documents or advertisements.



Savita Studio has recorded countless musical projects related to therapeutic goals, relaxation, healing and meditation attributes (combined with spoken word).

Using our wide range of recording and musical experience we can help you realize your musical visions with an extremely high production level – from the simple recording of a solo instrument or spoken word, all the way to complex productions.

We can collaborate on the whole concept of the project and, if requested, we can provide original music as well.


Savita Studio also provides a professional mastering services. For details, please visit